Star wars

In our class we have been using prompts to help us be creative in our writing. It has involved each writing group creating a writing plan. The plan has included:

  • Possible titles
  • Four paragraphs, that include headings, and three or four sentence ideas.
  • WOW words – possible words to enhance the writer’s writing.

Each student is expected to follow the plan for their written piece.

Below is William’s piece (unedited by the teacher).


PG1 The battle

In the dark scary night sky Luke Skywalker and the dark Darth Vader were having a big fight they took out there bright big lightsaber and started to fight.The sound of the lightsaber was very loud it went like this bzzzz. They were fighting in very a dark area where nobody was around.
They had a fight when it was midnight.

PG2 Getting killed

Luke Skywalker’s troops that came to help him got killed some of them got killed.Then storm trooper came with guns to help Darth Vader and they were trying to shoot Luke Skywalker’s troops then all of Luke Skywalker’s troops ran at the stormtroopers and killed them all.

PG3 Even more coming

Darth Vader’s troops all died then even more storm troopers came even big huge robots were coming as well they all were marching down to Luke Skywalker’s troops and to Luke Skywalker.

PG4 Great job

When the big robots came Luke Skywalker felt nervous,scared also a bit worried but somehow they killed all the robots.And all the rebels who were helping Luke Skywalker killed all the stormtroopers and Darth Vader ran away.



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