times tablesKnowing your times tables can make mathematics so much easier for you. There are lots of online resources and games to help students learn the times tables. Take the time to click on each, and practice. You’ll know your times tables before you know it.


Try the games below.


Tables test A great site to test how quick you can recall the times tables.

Top marks times tables Can you beat the clock to answer the questions?

Times tables space invaders Don’t let them land

Times tables grids Can you spot the answer in the grid?

Underwater times tables Catch the right fish

Spitfire times tables Shoot them down

Cloud click times tables The answers are in the clouds

Maths models times tables Dress your model by answering the questions

Ghost blasters Bust the ghosts by knowing your times tables

Problem solving times tables Can you solve the real life problems?

Times tables shooter Can you beat the clock?

Multiplication games compendium Can you win them all?


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    We need to know our times tables. Here are a variety of online resources to help you learn them.


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