Word problemsAt school we’ve identified a learning focus area for our students in mathematics. It’s solving word problems. Students need to be able to apply the maths concepts that they have learnt to solve real life problems. I’ve decided to regularly share some word problems for students to complete, and by putting them on this site, parents can help too. Parents and students can access the answers and how they can help their thinking to solve the problem. I can’t take the credit for creating these problems, I retrieved them from the nzmaths site. What does level 1 mean? In the New Zealand curriculum it refers to the learning that students in year 1 & 2 should be doing. However, maths problems at this level are equally valuable for older students learning how to solve maths word problems too. I’ve also included the problem written in Maori too.

The Problem

Cars in Garages (number strand, level 1)

I own 5 cars and a very large garage.
If I can see 2 cars parked outside the garage, how many are inside?
How many different ways can I park my cars inside and outside the garage?

Other Contexts for the Problem

Trains in tunnels
Cups in the cupboard
Shells in a bucket
Frogs in a pond or on lily pads

Below is the same problem written in Maori.

Ngā Āporo e Rima
E 5 ngā āporo hei kai mā māua
ko taku tuakana. Mēnā ka riro i
taku tuakana ngā āporo e 2, e hia ka toe mai ki ahau?
Ki te riro i taku tuakana ngā āporo e rima, e kore māku.
Ki te riro i a au ngā āporo e rima, e kore mā taku tuakana.
E hia ngā ngā tohatoha āporo rerekē katoa e taea ana?


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