Rubiks solvers (370x208)

Rubik’s cube solvers – we will be!

I’ve introduced the students to a real life problem solving activity – the Rubik’s Cube. I purchased five cheap cubes, to make Maths more interesting. The boys in the photo were told to use a computer to find out how to solve the cube. Here’s a site I introduced them to to help them solve it. A few hours worth of learning will be involved. They were inspired by the three year old girl who was able to complete it.



4 responses »

  1. cw12552014 says:

    you can get used to the Rubik cube once you’ve cracked it a couple of times


  2. aroura says:

    how can that little girl do it and i can’t???


  3. aroura says:

    rubix cubes


  4. aroura says:

    rbix cubes are fun in class


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