Together the students of room 5 created and agreed on a set of class rules that they’ll be happy to follow. Here they are below:

Use the dialogue covenant.
Use the TEAM values.
Put up your hand when you want to speak.
Use talk moves.
Keep your tray, class and eating area tidy.
Show good sportsmanship.
Use your manners.
Complete your work on time.
Help others if they need it.
We use the food karakia before eating lunch.


12 responses »

  1. travis says:

    Love the class values. Hope all children take them home as home values too


  2. Cooper says:

    these are good rules 🙂


  3. Angus Marshall says:

    I think it is cool you put time into this website. Thanks.


  4. Charkana Wallis says:

    This is a cool photo


  5. billie klake says:

    what a awsome picture


  6. charlie says:

    I think this is great. Love the photo as well.
    Id like to think we use most if not all of these at home.
    Well done.


  7. Rowan says:

    This will be an awesome experience for my learning 🙂


  8. Shontae says:

    I think it is great to see everyone trying to do their best for themselves and others in the class and i hope these values continue at home and in the school grounds


  9. Sheree says:

    Wow awesome love the page and rules and photos.


  10. grettel says:

    it is a good idea and it also helps us know what are children are doing in class instead of relying on them.
    -george jansen


  11. Leah says:

    This is a good class room treaty and picture


  12. Alex says:

    love class romm treaty


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