water.jpgAs a school-wide focus we are learning about water. Today we completed brainstorms answering a variety of questions about water. The question, ‘What is water?’ prompted these responses by students: River, sweat, nutrition, a liquid your body uses, clouds, it’s healthy; snow; bubbles; ice, lake, it keeps you hydrated, pool, liquid, rain, sea, droplets. It’s a good start to our brainstorm, I’m sure we’ll add to it.




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  1. Kaylee Warren says:

    h2o is water.


  2. Rowan says:

    I have already learned today there can be a lot of things that water is made of and partly made of. For instance there is straight up rain, which is water evaporated from the ocean, river, etc. Then we have things like the human body, which are partly water, but it turns into a different form. Anyways this is a great list of what water is 😀


  3. jayden drew says:

    i love this learning.I would like to learn more.


  4. Alex Campbell says:

    I Have Learned So Much Today


  5. william says:

    we learned lots yesterday it was fun


  6. Angus Marshall says:

    i think water is the most emportant resorse.


  7. travis says:

    sounds like a lot of fun wish i was there


  8. cw12552014 says:

    Water is tasty even without flavour ☺


  9. cw12552017 says:

    Water is tasty even without flavour ☺

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  10. Corey says:

    Water is a great topic to learn, it is fun to do experiments with.


  11. dallas chase says:

    It was fun lets do it again


  12. Eve Rongo says:

    (Mahonri) it was fun learning about water. I learnt a lot about where water comes from like rain water and the sea water.


  13. aroura willis says:

    i wasn’t here but it sounds fun


  14. Madison says:

    It was fun on Monday learning about water I can’t wait to it again water is really important for us so l hope people save it and I will as well as I did before I hope everyone else will do better than me It was a great 💡 for Mr Madge to teach us how important water is since that lesson have been taken way better of water 💦


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