In our current writing sessions we are learning to use adjectives, adverbs and language features to describe the land, the tree and the girl in the short movie Zahra.

Zahra spends all day collecting water in order to help her tree grow so she can get some shade.  She travels back and forth to the water pump but to no avail.  The tree won’t grow.  It is not until a bead of sweat falls on the roots that the tree springs forth and grows protectively in order to protect her from the sun.
Lots of discussion points about the little girl.  How we know she is in a different country, clothes, houses etc.

Writing opportunities:

  • Writing ‘A day in the life…’ from the little girls point of view.
  • Write a narrative based in the girl’s village.
  • Adverts for ‘Water aid’ type charities.
  • Write a persuasive letter to the government to support funding water supplies in Africa

4 responses »

  1. travis says:

    ha was a lot of fun learning about a African story


  2. dallas says:

    it was fun to see how zahra


  3. mahonri says:

    it was awesome learning about zahra and her life


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