UkuleleGroup2017 (400x225).jpgLast Thursday after school we had our first ukulele lesson for 2017. We have many new students who’ve chosen to learn the ukulele and a few players from last year. We learnt how to hold the ukulele, count in time, play a C chord and sing a song while playing. We’re off to a good start and looking forward to learning lots of songs and performing in front of others.


5 responses »

  1. Madison says:

    It is fun to play the ukulele with Mr Madge we have learned two new songs I can’t wait to learn another song we learned the C and F cords can’t wait to learn the next cords


  2. Rowan says:

    My hair! 😦


  3. travis says:

    looks likr fun wish i was there


  4. aroura says:

    hi mr madge im at school right now but we miss u come visit us soon:) are you having fun at your new school?


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