I thought it would be a good idea to also add the home school learning connection tasks to the website too. You’ll find a paper copy in your child’s communication book.

Room 5, Home School Learning Connection

Term 1, Weeks 5-6, 2017

Home on Monday, completed by Friday of week 6

Hi parents and families of Room 5.

If you would like your child to share their learning with you and or practice their skills at home please complete any or all of the 4 tasks below and sign/ date them.

Also please comment on the programme and give any feedback in the box below even if you do not participate so I know you have seen this programme at home.

Thanks, Mr Madge

Learning Completed Parent Signature
Times tables

We need to know our times tables to help us with our maths learning – continue practising.

  • Call out the times tables, 2, 3, 4 & 5s.
  • Answer quick questions like 7 times 4.
  • Look at the class website and find the times tables games and play on a few.
Talk Moves

We all have talk moves sheets stuck into our books. These are prompts to help us share our learning. Use some Talk Moves with your family.

Learning with Zeal class website activity

Take a look at our class website and complete the activity in the post ‘The treasure map – mathematics’. Show your map in your communication book.


Learning our spelling words.

We need to keep learning our spelling words. You need to write ten of your spelling words in your communication book and copy them out five times. Get someone at home to test you on those words.

Parent Comment/ Feedback:








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