FitnessTriangles (400x225)

Triangle from Kiwidex in action – catch that ball! 

In room 5 we’ve been doing a lot of fitness activities this year. Here’s a game we played today. It was fast, fun and was helping improve our coordination and fitness.


triangles.JPGEquipment: One large ball per group.

Area: One square per team – marked by lines using cones or chalk markings – as in diagram.

Formation: Teams of 4, 1 child at each of 3 corners, 4th child inside the square

Instructions: The ball must be passed along the sides of the square – no diagonal passes. The player without the ball must move to the vacant corner to give the player with the ball the option of 2 passes. The player in the centre attempts to intercept passes – if successful she changes with the passer e.g. Number 1 can pass to 2 or 3, if 3 takes the pass she can pass it back to 1 or to the vacant corner – so 2 must sprint to the vacant corner in case the pass is made there. If 2 does receive the pass at what was the vacant corner then Number 1 must run to the vacant corner and be ready to take a pass.

Variations: Can you create some?

Visit Kiwidex




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  1. Madison says:

    It’s fun to play with my friends and mr Madge


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