Audryarnna seeing if the paper towel is dry. 

In class we’ve been learning how to write up science experiments using a scientific process. Below was our first go. It was a good start.

Will a paper towel stay dry in water?
I think the paper towel will get wet in water.

A bowl
A glass cup
Paper towels

Fill the bowl with water.
Put the paper towels inside the glass cup.
Put the glass cup open end into the water.
Take the glass cup out of the water.
Take the paper towels out to see if they were wet or dry.

When Mr Madge took out the paper towels from the cup they were all DRY.

My prediction was wrong because paper towels were dry when Mr Madge pulled them out of the cup. I think they stayed dry because…

What next ?
We could use different materials, different cups, warm water.


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  1. dallas says:

    hi mr madge


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