pixlr (480x480).jpgA light breeze floated in the air as the sun shone brightly, casting shadows of the children and adults that were scattered across the field. Woodville and Eketahuna school battled for the ball, passing to each other and attacking the opposing team. At one point Eketahuna scored, but not long after Tai scored a goal for Woodville school!!! We all cheered for him just as the game ended. It was a draw, 1-1! The team did a celebratory mud dive for/with Tai (see/insert Picture) We took a 20 minute break before getting back on the field, Mr. Madge and I stood by the sidelines, observing the game and cheering them on while they played. Aaron was in goal first, he was doing an amazing job doing some spectacular saving! Sadly St. Joseph’s (the opposing team) still scored a few points before halftime, making the score 5-0. We were trying so hard, I could tell, Maryanne, Hinemoa and Marino had some very smooth skills, whereas Mary, Aaron, Tanysha, Connor and Tai did some Amazing attacks. We finished our 1 minute break and swapped sides, Tai was in goal as Hinemoa, Mary and Aaron were mid-field, Connor was attacking and Marino and Tanysha were defence. By the end of the game Tai had done some more spectacular saves, while Tanysha, Marino and Connor were amazing at disrupting the plays of the opposition. The score was 7-0 but the team still kept a great spirit, still being happy with how they played, I was proud myself, they played really well; but sadly they missed finals, only just! Better luck next time guys!

By Stephanie (Year 7)


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  1. travis says:

    are you a reliver or a full time teatcher


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