After a successful assessment of our first four lessons focused on greetings. We start with our fifth Spanish lesson – discussing where we are from. We are using Spanish lessons with Paco. Main concepts covered today:
Main concepts covered:
¿De dónde eres? = Where are you from?
Yo soy de _____. = I am from ________.
¿De dónde es usted? = Where are you (formal) from?

¿De dónde esta? = Where is…?

En ______. = In_________


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  1. Madison says:

    Hi Mr Madge great learning


  2. Madison says:

    K.P.S misses you
    RM 5 the most


      • Rowan says:

        Hello Mr. Madge! I’ve missed you so much! Because of your charming hair and your muscly skin and etc etc.

        Enough sappiness I suppose. You’re probably wondering who the heck I am? Well, if you go back in time precisely 35-42 weeks ago… Oh dear, look what you’ve remembered. That annoying orange haired boy who had messy handwriting and was just random… Rowan.

        Now I know you’re probably just going to wish to delete this email. But wait! There is more I can inform you of my lord! All of Kapiti school have missed you extremely. It has been a bit boring without you to be fairly honest with myself. You were the most awesome teacher in our school! And you can understand with ease why that is…

        You were the teacher who continuously encouraged us to learn more and more throughout the years of school. You were the one who got us to do more and more so we wouldn’t get spoiled. And, believe it or not, I have made it into college! Along with another few more pupils, such as Layton, Travis, etc, all thanks to you, we will have no problem with it!

        Enough of the thanks, lets get to the news and what’s happened while you were gone. We had Mrs Evans for a whole term, and one teacher had finally signed in. Her name was Mrs Bolton, and she had came from Raumiti South school! She said having to work with juniors was shockingly deathly, but working with us throughout the two terms was horrible.

        Just kidding. We were great. Well, most of us were. Without you and the threat of having to stay in throughout the school borders, more bad behaviour was spilling in. Would you believe Cezar almost got expelled?

        We had three new pupils come in. A girl named Emily, who had orange hair (Thankfully I’m not the only one), A boy called Denny (Brown hair, looked like he hadn’t brushed it in a week!) and a girl named Shivani, who was surprisingly a lot different. She had come from India, and she didn’t understand any of us at the start of term three, so we all had to use sign language. However, at the end of term four, she was the best year 5 mathematician, best year 5 speller!

        The road was a bit bumpy for me however. My father, the main incomer, got bone marrow on July, and he had to go to hospital for a whole three months. We were relieved when he came back, and so was he as he said it was a horrible place in there.

        In term three, we had Mrs Bolton come in, and she was a bit like you, except that you were obviously better. A few new things happened, such as inquiry rotations, working with other classes, etc. Not necessarily much happened then.

        And in the last term, the last term for us year 8’s, it was quite busy. We had a few people working on the yearbook, student council going in and out of school, and things like that. Then, it all went by extremely fast. On the last day, we had everybody signing yearbooks, 97% of the girls sobbing over friendship and blah blah blah, and we had prize giving in the hall. Alex got the sport award, I surprisingly enough, got the academic award, and I’ve already forgotten what everybody else got as I have the memory span of a fish.

        Since it’s the holidays, you probably want to know what my routine would be. I couldn’t create a “free” pie chart that had you donate to them, so I’ll just write down the percentages.

        5% Emailing people and talking to my non existent friends.
        10% Helping out around the house.
        10% Going out or spending time with family (they barely come over).
        55% Playing video games with my brother.

        Anyways, the time has come, and I hope you missed me. Because I missed you a lot. You helped me learn, and now it’s no problem getting into college. In fact all of Kapiti school has missed you. And we all hope you are having a great time on your freedom farm with your loving family.

        Cheers, Rowan.


      • Hi Rowan, what a great email. I’m sad I didn’t find it earlier. Thanks for the update, and I’m sure you’re working hard at college. Cheers MM


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